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ACFID National Conference 2022
ACFID National Conference 2022
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Concurrent Sessions Main Stage

Session Program

11:20 am


1. The role of local leadership and engagement of civil society in building resilience for food security.  

2. The importance of investing in social protection and safety nets for those affected by food affordability and insecurity, particularly women and girls, and marginalized and vulnerable groups, including people with disabilities, children, and displaced communities. 

3. Climate adaptation, disaster risk reduction, anticipatory action, and peacebuilding initiatives that will strengthen resilience. This will include the presentation of results from community-level research on how the accelerating impacts of climate change are increasing the risk of conflict, particularly via impacts on food systems and how these dynamics are informing approaches to food security programming.  

4. How to work with global partners to improve and maintain global supply chains, manage rising inflation costs and international collaboration on food production/availability.