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ACFID National Conference 2022
ACFID National Conference 2022
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Concurrent Session 2.4 - Watershed Interventions for System Health Fiji (WISH Fiji) – achieving positive human and environmental impacts through a planetary health approach

Session Description

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This session will share evidence of our community led implementation work over the last four years across five watersheds on three islands of Fiji. 

Participants will hear practical insights from the project team covering

1.     How watersheds, as a geographic boundary, are effective for planetary health program design that captures connected anthropogenic and ecosystem activities from ridge to reef.
2.     Successful tools for engaging 29 individual communities via free and informed participatory approaches.
3.     Novel processes and material for community education around risk factors for human health (typhoid, leptospirosis and dengue fever) and the environmental risk (deforestation, riparian zone damage, livestock management and coral reef health). 
4.     Evidence from successful water safety and sanitation activities undertaken using an expanded custom format that captures a wide range of anthropogenic activities that carry risk in the watershed. 
5.     Considerations for implementation activities that are more resilient to the impacts of future climate change impacts (increased flooding and cyclone intensity) on the watersheds and communities.
6.     Implementation of community and watershed level risk reducing interventions that are sustainable and based on natural solutions.

After this session delegates will hopefully be inspired by our evidence of implementation activities that simultaneously protect both the environment and human health.